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QHBR 2019  R18.16  Win 10 1809

Quicken has not been able to sync with BB&T for 3 days now. BB&T had a problem with their online banking a few days ago and has since been fixed. This was verified by BB&T.
I can log on to my account via the BB&T website with no problems, but Quicken still can't log on. Tried a few fixes I found here from one of their previous problems, but those didn't work.
Error is CC-508. Tried the fix that recommends. Nothing.

Called BB&T. They verified that their system has been back up and running for the last 24hours. They never heard of Quicken and said I should not be using 3rd party software to download transactions.

Any ideas short of contacting Quicken support?


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    From C. D. Bales:
    "Error is CC-508. Tried the fix that recommends. Nothing."

    You left out potentially important information.

    What is the specific Quicken name for your financial institution? [See the General tab in the Edit Account Details dialog for the Quicken account.]

    What is the "Connection Method" for your Quicken account with that financial institution? [See the Online Services tab in the Edit Account Details dialog for the Quicken account.]

    The error number you're reporting is typically an error with accounts using the "Express Web Connect" Connection Method to download. That Connection Method is the least reliable Connection Method. 

    If your financial institution offers the "Direct Connect" or "Web Connect" Connection Method (as several BB&T financial institutions do), you may be better off using one of those Connection Methods to download (you will almost certainly be better off using Direct Connect, when available).

    If you're using Express Web Connect to download to Quicken and you can not, or will not, change your Connection Method; note the last sentence in the KB Article which you say you read: "Your financial institution cannot resolve this issue. If you need assistance, contact Quicken Help & Support". To contact Quicken support, see:

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    Support fixed it. Thanks
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