2019 R19.36 Update

I updated to the latest version of quick 2019 for windows today and all my budgets have gone haywire.. many of the budget categories disappeared


  • I had the same issue with and all values did not show in the amount field except the overall Income and Expense totals.  
    Went back to and all is good.
  • ps56kps56k SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Wonder how you get tagged for receiving this release ?
    I just did the - Check For Updates - and says I'm still good with R18.16 -
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    Hi All,
    Can you provide more details as to what you are seeing with the 19.36 or 19.34 releases?  What exactly happens?  Do you have specific examples of budget categories that have disappeared?

    Quicken Kathryn
    Quicken Kathryn
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  • Roger MRoger M Member
    I installed the update. I did have to tweak the budget a little. It had dropped my detailed loan payments from the budget. I simply added it back in. Everything else looks fine. Certainly not a disaster, IMO.
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  • Installed and the Actual values in budget reports are not showing.  Line items are not missing.

    See Below:

  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Installed and the Actual values in budget reports are not showing.  Line items are not missing.

    Your report sample is not showing report and column titles, which makes debugging a little difficult.
    Which report off the Reports Menu are you using?
    Or are you using a Saved Report?
    Are you expecting to see future scheduled transactions in the current and future months as if they were real register transactions already? A report that only looks at register transactions can't do that.
  • The report view is for Jan/April 2019 and the budget setting is for non-zero actual s/budget.  All category and account settings are selected. You can use history or new budget reports and you get the same result.

  • Dan GlynhamptonDan Glynhampton SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    Something has definitely gone wacky with budgets in R19.36.

    Here's a section of my budget with R18.16:

    The top figure (circled in red) is the parent category, and nothing is budgeted directly in that category.  The figures below are the subcategories of that parent, and you will note that they total 5570 (in other words, all is well).

    Now if I close Quicken, apply the R19.36 Mondo patch, open the same Quicken data file (in which no changes have been made), and look at the same section of the budget:

    The parent category now has a figure which seems unrelated to the subcategories below it.

    If I now close Quicken, apply the 18.16 Mondo patch, and reopen that same Quicken datafile I get this:

    The parent category is now zero, suggesting that some corruption of the data file has occured when it was open in 19.36.

    I have restored the backup that I took before upgrading and the budget figures return to normal in 18.16 (as in the first screenshot above), and 18.16 is where I'll be staying for now.
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