Trouble with the Alliant Credit Union Credit Card download and reconciliation

I'm a long time user with much experience using direct connect downloads and subsequent transaction reconciliation. I have a new Alliant credit card.  I download and accept the transactions without any issues.  However, on the Reconciliation Screen,  the Cleared Balance and Statement Ending Balance do not equal.  If I go online to my Alliant account, the ending balance there equals the Cleared Balance on the Reconciliation screen (but obviously not the Statement Ending Balance).  Further, if in Quicken, I uncheck the most recent 4-5 transactions (reducing the Cleared Balance), that will bring Cleared Balance into agreement with the Statement Ending Balance.  The Statement Ending Balance that displays on the Quicken Reconciliation screen seems to be several days old and does not include the most recent transactions.

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but all of my other accounts that I download and reconcile have a connection method of Direct Connect.  The Alliant account connection method is 
Express Web Connect.  

Any information will be appreciated.


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