Known Issue - Investment Account Balance of -92,000,000,000+

Quicken Sarah
Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod

Bad or corrupted investment lot records in Quicken for Windows may cause "*******" to appear in transaction amount details and results in a -92,000,000,000+ balance that cannot be resolved via Validate & Repair, rebuilding lots or deleting and re-entering the transactions.

Users may also receive a "Amount too large" error when attempting to edit transactions.

This issue has been reported to Development for further investigation, in the meantime, this issue may be corrected manually with the following steps:

    1.  Print a report of all the transactions for the affected security in the account displaying the invalid amounts.  (Reports > Investing > Investment Transactions)
    2.  Create a backup of the Quicken Data File through the File menu > Backup & Restore.
    3.  Next, create a empty, manual investment account called "temp", deleting the opening balance transaction once created. (Tools > Add Account > Brokerage > Advanced Setup > I want to enter my transactions manually)
    4.  Use the "Move investment transactions" feature (investment register gear wheel icon menu) to move the affected security transactions to the empty "temp" account we created.
    5.  Use "Export to QIF" to export the same transactions in the "temp" account to a text file. (File > Export File > QIF File)
    6.  Use "Import from QIF" to import the transactions back into the original account. (File > Import File > QIF File)
    7.  Delete the "temp" account.
    8.  Compare the imported transactions against the printed report to check for errors, correcting any issues found.

Please Note: 

    1.  If there are specific lot assignments assigned to the security, they will be lost during the Import/Export process and will need to be re-assigned.

    2.  Acquisition dates for Added lots (if different than the transaction date) will also be lost during the Import/Export process.
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