Having OT Salary update Planning / Budget amounts

Hi.  I have my fixed salary set up and my budget.  I can't figure out how I get my variable salary (overtime) to update the appropriate budget category.

Example … Say I have a fixed salary of $500 per week and I have my planning/budget set up for all my categories based on this.  Say I do some overtime and I get $550 so I want to put $50 into a special category I set up called "Over Time"

When I enter my paycheck, I split the transaction so that $500 goes towards Net Salary then put $50 toward the Over Time category -- but when I go back and look at my budget category the extra $50 is not added



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  • joezano1joezano1 Member
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    Hmmm … I can't figure it out.  I will do some screen captures and send my examples.

    OK, now I'm really confused, looks like my OT Category worked but another category didn't.  I will wait till next week's pay and double check things.  Thanks for your help!

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