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Reconciliation issues in Quicken 2019 (subscription)

Quicken R18.16, Build This is something new, have never seen this issue before...when I click an item to 'clear' it, the reconciliation windows closes. Clicking Reconcile an Account in the tool bar brings it back, but it happens no matter WHERE I click in the Clear box. Have been using Quicken and QuickBooks Pro for decades. This is new. Has anyone seen this?


  • GeoffG
    GeoffG SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Have you run a file validate to rule out any file corruption? I just did a test and did not experience your issue.
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  • ddunk1950
    ddunk1950 Member
    Hmm, I had not but when I did run that, it cleared ancient accounts, etc. and massaged some others from the 90s. Will see what happens this month. I had always used Premier, but realized that I could get by with Deluxe. Figured it was a hiccup in that program. I have used QuickBooks Pro for a similar amout of time; that heavens it's working well. Thank you!
  • I had posted a problem that I'd been having about the Reconcilliation window closing when I tried to clear a transaction, etc. It turns out that the issue was on this end; my Logitech wireless mouse was in the process of going Tango Uniform (ask a military person) and was delivering inconsistent results. No amount of mouse setting changes or moving the wireless VOIP phone base station away helped. When I realized that I was having similar issues with Outlook on my Office 365 subscription, it became clear. ANYway, a fresh wireless mouse sorted it all out in both programs.
    Just thought I'd pass that along.
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