Fidelity Problems - Download Error OL-293-A

Just this morning, when I tried to do my weekly account update, Fidelity Investments returned an Error OL-293-A, "unexpected information returned".  Hope it's just temporary.


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    Got the same OL-293-A] error just a few minutes ago.  (Almost the same time as the original post here went up.)
    Fidelity is usually one of the more reliable places to download information from, so this is a rarity.  
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    I am having the same error. Thanks for posting. At least I can stop trying to see if something is set up incorrectly. 
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    Got same error here.  Thank you for posting.  Let's me know the problem is not on my side.

    I spoke to Fidelity support. This is a known issue that started early this morning regarding account passwords.  Some tech team members have been called in to work this issue. Looks like we need to be patient.
    Great to hear they're working on it.  Happy they're doing this on a holiday weekend.  I was resigning myself to waiting until Tuesday for anyone to even take a look. 
  • I'm seeing what could be a related problem.   I get error Code QL 232-A.  9:00 a.m. EDT 

    I *can* connect to Fidelity NetBenefits via Quicken however.  Only Fidelity Investments is having the issue via Quicken.

    I also can connect to all Fidelity accounts via Windows PC, Andriod Phone, Android Tablet.
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    Ditto here at 10:15 AM EDT. Also, like Michael Cambria, above, NetBenefits IS working.
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    Ditto here. Great to hear it's a Fidelity issue and that they're working on it. Thanks for the updates everyone.
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    Me too 10:50 EDT.  We stay patient - thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for sharing the information, and glad the problem is being worked on.   As noted, problems with Fidelity downloads are quite a rarity.  Interesting that NetBenefits works fine for me and others.   
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    Suddenly cannot download Fidelity accounts - OL-293-A Error.  Quicken Premier 2019 R18.16, W10
  • same problem
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    Why is everyone posting here when it's a know Fidelity problem?
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    Can not download Fidelity accounts Error  code OL-293-A
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    Same problem, same error.  Started today (5/25/2019).  Must be a gremlin at Fidelity.
  • Thanks for posting here. Good to know it's not on our end and that it's being worked.
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    Quicken community managers may want to issue an alert about this if this issue is still around on Tuesday when Quicken support returns. Suggestion.
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  • Well at least this explains the HTTP 500 errors I was receiving from them.
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    Are you still getting HTTP 500 errors?  I didn't experience those.  Fidelity support said the problem first manifested with password problems for online internet access this morning.  So maybe that's why you were getting HTTP 500 errors? Don't know.  However, I am able to access my Fidelity accounts via the browser now.  It's Quicken that can't access my accounts.  They are aware of the lingering Quicken issue.
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    Hello all. Appreciate your comments.

    If the issue is still active on Tuesday, we will look into the issue and check for updates. If,, after checking on customer contacts and analysis of the logs in which are reported to Quicken, we will issue an alert.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone sharing your information with us.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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    I am getting an error message OL-293A. My wife and I have separate accounts and have not changed user id's or passwords.
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  • As of the morning of 5/25/2019 Fidelity Investments and Fidelity NetBenefits stopped downloading transactions.  
  • Thank you Sherlock
  • Having the same problem with Fidelity Investments and NetBenefits.
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    Still not fixed as of 10PM MST
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    Still happening, 5/26/2019 5:25 AM CDT
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    error OL-293-A occurs when updating fidelity accounts.
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    Another "still happening" comment just to Quicken support is aware there is still an issue 
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    Not fixed yet 5/26/2019 7:00 EDT
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