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Cannot delete online biller

EdwardWEdwardW Member

I cannot get past this screen. HOW DO I DELETE THIS BILLER?  The Remove button does nothing.

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  • Quicken HaroldQuicken Harold Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Hello EdwardW. Appreciate your question.

    For this issue, we would recommend contacting Quicken Support so that one of our Windows technical representatives can look into this issue.. Please request a screen share so that they can see the issue and help you remove the biller.

    Hope this helps. Please let us know if this works or if you have any questions.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
    Quicken Harold
    Community Moderator
  • EdwardWEdwardW Member
    Harold thanks for the quick response.  I tried that already and it was a disaster.  They wasted 40 minutes of my time then dropped the call and never called me back.
  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello @EdwardW

    I apologize for the negative experience with Quicken Support and appreciate your taking the time to post back with this information.

    I took the liberty of reviewing your account in our internal support system and see that a second chat was started where the Agent escalated this error to our third party biller service providers.

    The escalation is marked as completed and you should now be able to successfully add the biller, but please let us know how it goes and if you continue to receive an error.

    Thank you,

  • EdwardWEdwardW Member
    Sarah the problem is not fixed.  I just checked.  
  • EdwardWEdwardW Member
    I log in and it looks good but then i'm brought right back to this same page.  I can't get past this "Important upgrade for online bills" warning page.
  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello @EdwardW

    Thank you for letting us know that this issue persists.  If you haven't yet, please visit https://www.quicken.com/support/update-and-mondo-patch-20182019-release-quicken-windows-subscription-product to download and install the Mondo Patch for the newest R19.44 release.

    This build includes multiple fixes related to Online Billers and should remove the prompt about the import upgrade for online bills error, but please let me know if you continue to receive the upgrade message.

    If the upgrade message is successfully removed, please then try to re-add the biller and let me know how it goes.

    Thank you,

  • EdwardWEdwardW Member
    <span>Sarah I followed your instructions and I still cannot remove the prompt.</span>
  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hi @EdwardW

    Thank you for trying the steps although I'm sorry to hear the prompt remains.

    Please go to the Edit menu in Quicken and select Preferences > Cloud Accounts (from the bottom left side of the Preference window). 

    On the right side of the window, hold down the "Ctrl" key and while holding it down click on the "Edit cloud account name" box.

    A window should open that shows your File Name and the Dataset ID associated with the file - what is the last 4 digits of the listed Dataset ID?

    Thank you,

  • ChrisChris Member ✭✭
    I had this same issue and this solution worked for me!

    > @btermaat said:
    > Hello @EdwardW I had this same issue and the only way that I could resolve it is:
    > 1: Backup a copy of your current quicken file on a flash drive
    > 2: Uninstall the Quicken subscription program and delete the quicken folder in Program Files (x86).
    > 3: Install the previous Quicken version that your Quicken subscription program took the place of
    > 4: Mine was Quicken 2017, copy the back up data file from the flash drive to the desktop. Open the file in Quicken 20** and you should be able to delete that online biller then.
    > 5: Once the biller is deleted backup the Quicken file to the flash drive again and uninstall and delete the Quicken folder again.
    > 6: Reinstall the Quicken subscription program and restore the last backup copy and the issue should be fixed.
    > Hope this works for you!
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