Balance discrepancy on a credit card account

Just switched from PC to Mac. Conversion seemed fine. But now find Current credit card balance on Quicken and Bank are different. Have checked entries to before conversion and all match. Can't figure out the problem.

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  • Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I went back to my PC and did my usual bank download. Everything went smoothly. The PC balances are the same as the bank balances. So it is the Mac Visa balance that is the problem. It is showing a higher balance than the bank and the PC.

    I have identified two bills that add up to the discrepancy, but I don't know what to do about it on the Mac. On the PC I could manually verify them, but there is no "cleared" column in the Mac. Can you help?
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    You can manually add or remove columns from any register (you can even re-arrange the display order). To add/remove columns, simply click the Columns icon at the bottom of the register, then select the one(s) to add/remove. 

    To re-order the columns, simply click and drag a column header and move it to the left/right to change the order.

    BTW, you have to set this for each register individually. There currently is no global setting for columns.

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