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    I have the same "new password required" issue with another bank (Community Bank NA).  Quicken Support says it's a problem with the bank; the bank says it's a problem with Quicken.  Neither seems to have much interest in resolving the issue beyond telling me to call the other party.

    A workaround which was successful for me:  On the popup screen requesting a new password, enter a "fake" password and confirmation.  The password won't be used, so the only requirement is that it satisfy Quicken's rules for a new password.  When Quicken validates the fake password, the "change password" button will become active.  Then, while holding down the "control" and "shift" keys, click on the "change password" button.  In my case this apparently bypasses the "new password required" logic and allows the connection and download to proceed normally.
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    @underhillian See Quicken Harold's reply of 5/18 to address this matter.
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    @NotACPA As I stated in my comment, I have already contacted Quicken Support (twice, actually).  After quite some time on the phone and repeated demonstrations of the issue, the assistance received was an observation that "it's the bank's problem" and advice to call my bank. That it is an issue with the bank may in fact be the case, but my bank doesn't agree.  So a more proactive response from Quicken Support (along the lines of @QuickenHarolds description which you cite) and in particular some guidance to give my bank would be helpful.  If there is a way to reach a Quicken representative who understands this issue (or who at least has more to offer than "call your bank") I'd try again.  Otherwise....
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    Hello @underhillian 

    Thank you for taking the time to report this error to the Community, although I apologize that it has persisted and prior contacts with Support have been unable to resolve the prompt to change the password when activating an account.

    May I ask, which Community Bank NA name you are selecting in Quicken?

    Are you attempting to connect with the Express Web Connect or Direct Connect connection methods?

    Please let us know, thank you.

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    This is a followup to the (now closed but still unresolved) discussion of OL-335A errors resulting when Quicken insists that a bank requires a password change but the bank does not allow Quicken to change a password as described in

    in which @Quicken Sarah asked "May I ask, which Community Bank NA name you are selecting in Quicken..."

    The belated answer is "Community Bank NA-NEW" via Direct Connect.
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