Is amounts changing from negative to positive when changing column view a known issue?

I changed the column view on a cash account, to show Spending and Received, instead of Amount. All transactions changed to positive amounts. However the total balance still showed correctly in the list of accounts on the left side of the screen. If I select only Spending categories, I see the negative amounts, but also some positive transactions. It seems there is no discerning the negative from the positive transactions for this one account. Is this a known issue?

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    I tried replying to your email messages, but my replies bounced. I do understand what you are saying about positive numbers in the Spend/Receive columns, but what happened was that all the transactions became positive, so there were no more Spend transactions at all. It was a glitch I think. I exported all the transactions to a blank, manual input checking account, and there were all the Spend transactions again. I checked some backups and had to go back about a week to find one that didn't have this issue. Thanks for your help.
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    Lomolo said:
    I tried replying to your email messages, but my replies bounced.
    Yes, a POOR design for e-mail notifications is that replies to threads that show up in your e-mail HIDE the reply box.

    So you cannot just reply from your e-mail but actually have to "UNHIDE" the reply box (by clicking the "twisty" link), then clicking on the Reply box which takes you back to this forum to post any replies.

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