What's Happening in the Quicken Community - May 2019

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Hi Everyone!

Hard to believe that May is over already and we’re already creeping into the Summer months.

It’s been an exciting month at Quicken, we’re in the progress of releasing new product updates targeted at resolving long-standing bugs and improving the display and UI for high resolution monitors in the Windows 2019 product line.

The Community has welcomed another 2,000 new members and we’ve seen the addition of some great new content. 

Community Stats for the Month of May, 2019

 1,350 New Discussion posts created with 5,589 comments posted by 1,504 Contributors

 973 New Question posts created with 1,049 answers posted and 565 Accepted Answers 



Highlights from the latest Product Releases

Quicken for Windows – There are several reported bugs and issues that were fixed in the upcoming R19.44 release, but the most notable solved issues are:

    ·      Focus issues when switching between windows/applications (Alt + Tab)

    ·      Actively subscribed members receiving “expired subscription” notices

    ·      Issues when resizing Quicken, such as not remembering the resize position when re-opening Quicken

    ·      In-Product Help & Tutorial Videos in the Tips & Tutorials Tab


Quicken Web App – The Web App received several bug fixes and UI enhancements with the 1.3.2 release

    ·      Amount could not be edited when manually adding/editing a split transaction with a memorized payee

    ·      Expense transactions entered with no amount were saved as Income transactions

    ·      Added the ability for Quicken to look in other account registers for possible matching transfer transactions when entering transfer transactions


Top Known Issues

Quicken for Mac – transaction categorization fails to categorize correctly or at all – work is in progress and a solution expected to be available soon.

Quicken for Windows – installing Quicken for Windows 2019 (current version) when upgrading from Quicken 2016 for Windows may fail and require a manual uninstall of the previous version using the QCleanUI process

Investment Account Balance of -92,000,000,000+


New and Top-Rated FAQ Articles (FAQ’s are confirmed, verified answers to a variety of questions.  FAQ’s are mostly created by other Members of the Community with some contributions from Quicken Employees)

Rental Property FAQ Series  (NEW

Quicken Bill Pay & Quicken Subscription Membership (NEW)

FAQ: Troubleshooting 101 Installation & Data File Problems

FAQ: Help Guide & FAQs for Quicken Mobile

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