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FYI: Display changes after Quicken for Windows 19.44 patch release

Hello All,
The release of the Quicken for Windows 19.44 release includes the removal of the .NET framework from Quicken, which should resolve many visual issues that users have reported in the past.

However, because of these extensive changes to the way Quicken is displayed on your system, you may notice Quicken appears smaller than expected, or opens on the wrong monitor (if you have more than one monitor set up).  These are both issues our team is working on fixing as soon as possible, but shouldn't prevent you from using Quicken as you normally do.

In addition, over time, you may have adjusted your display settings to accommodate things like a high resolution display, or to make Quicken appear larger or smaller.  If this is the case, the recent .NET change may change your current display, but this should be easily fixed by adjusting either your computer's display settings or Quicken's display settings.  The information in this FAQ should help: Font Size is too large or small, Menu in Quicken is missing, not working, or appears doubled

You may have also previously used this fix for high resolution monitors:  Workaround for Display Issues on High Resolution Monitors If you find that Quicken again looks small or blurry, use the steps in the FAQ above to revert to your previous display settings.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve these remaining visual issues!
Quicken Kathryn
Quicken Kathryn
Community Administrator


  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    The known issues with Quicken opening in a small window or on the wrong monitor, when using multiple monitors, should be resolved with the R20.15 release.

    If you have not yet, please install the R20.15 release via Help > Check for Updates or by running the One Step Update.

    The Release Notes and Mondo Patch have been updated and are available to view here.

    If after installing the R20.15 release and issues with the way Quicken is displayed on your system continue, please create a new post detailing the issues experienced.

    Thank you!
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