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Display Issues Post Release 19.44

I am pleased to see that Quicken is aware of the problems R19.44 created. The announcement does not list everything that I am experiencing. In addition to Quicken now opening in a tiny (and useless sized) window and on the wrong monitor, I have also observed that the Reconciliation window is too narrow to read the Payee name. I always have to manually re-size it. The software should remember pop-up window sizes.

I also tried the recommended fix for hi-res monitors (I have dual 4K monitors). It did nothing to resolve the issues.

Lastly, one of the recommended fixes had to do with changing the font size for registers. The problem with this is that it only affects the register windows; it does not change the size of font for the menus or the account list bar. Quicken should enhance preferences to give users greater control over the interface.

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  • CurProCurPro Member ✭✭
    System: Quicken HB&RP R19.44, Windows 10 Prof 10.0.17134, ASUS ROG G750JH

    Quicken HB&RP just updated me to R19.44 from R18.# (don't remember exact version). It appears the main changes from a usability perspective are that the update:
    (1) makes the top corners of the window rounded (like in Win 3.1), and
    (2) the screen settings in QUSER.ini are not honored when Quicken starts up, but are overwritten at startup by nonsense values.

    My experiences:

    Immediately after update, I opened my Quicken date file and manually adjusted the window (i.e., by manually dragging corners of the display) to my preferences:

    I verified that these values are contained in QUSER.ini after exiting Quicken.

    Then I restarted Quicken. When the greyed user data window and user password window appear, the values in QUSER.ini are changed to:

    This happens BEFORE I enter my password to access my data file.

    I find it quite odd that Quicken immediately WRITES garbage values to QUSER.ini rather than READING the [Window] parameters contained therein. This is not proper behavior. The version prior to update to R19.44 worked properly viz. [Window] settings in QUSER.ini.

    How do I get the correct behavior to work in the new version?
  • splashersplasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Can't speak to the other issues since I am still at R19.36, but the rounded corners are not new to R19.44.

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    -also older versions as needed for testing
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  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @splasher You might want to edit that graphic to redact your email.
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  • CurProCurPro Member ✭✭
    @spasher: Right you are. Last week or so my Quicken updated to R19.36 and it had the same issues I noted above. Hoping it was a glitch in the new version, I downgraded back to R18.16 (I think) and all was well regarding the [Window] problem in QUSER.ini. Also, the R18.16 version had square corners. I made the offhand Win 3.1 reference since the erroneous window size looks like it would fit nicely in a 800x600 VGA (CGA?) display. I used Quicken in Win 3.1 (and DOS) and actually still like its appearance vs the new looks in Windows - I have no real problem with rounded corners. For a developer to spend time on such a feature seems somewhat frivolous to me, but to each his own. Maybe that's a Mac thing? However, the window size/QUSER.ini problem is an actual usability issue that I'm eager to solve.
  • michaelrhodes1954michaelrhodes1954 Member ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    I use two identical monitors. Up until two updates ago (about a week ago), whichever monitor I had Quicken displayed on when I closed the program was the monitor the program would open on. Now, no matter where it is when I close it, the program always opens on the primary monitor and I have to drag it to the secondary monitor, which is and has always been an extension monitor, not a mirrored monitor.

    I know this isn't a huge deal, but it's aggravating, and I would like this fixed. Every other program I ever use (I.E., Chrome, MS Word, MS Excel, etc., etc.) all behave the way Quicken did before the updates. Quicken should, too.

    With a Quicken membership, currently valid until 12/12/2019, I'm using Quicken Premier, 2019, Version R19.44, Build

    My operating system is Windows 10 Home edition, Version 1809, OS build 17763.529.

    My monitors are both LG Model 32MP58HQ-P, 32" screens.
  • Dave493Dave493 Member ✭✭
    Same problem here. Please fix this.
  • Barry ZuckermanBarry Zuckerman Member ✭✭
    I have always kept Quicken in its own window using about 1/2 of my wide screen. Since version 19.44 installed it always opens in a small window making me resize it every time.
  • JonJon Member ✭✭
    I'm running QWIN Deluxe on the subscription plan with the latest release: 19.44.

    After the last update, whenever I open Quicken, the window "drops/moves down" several pixels relative to its previous position. If I try opening and closing Quicken multiple times, the top of the window moves lower and lower. The window size stays the same and the bottom of the window becomes more and more obscured.

    If I reposition the window to the top of the screen, the process repeats from the new position.

    There is NO lateral or sideways motion.

    I have tried closing via the file menu and by clicking "x".

    Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  • JPattonJPatton Member ✭✭
    After updating to 2019 R19.43 QW no longer remembers the last closed windows size and always opens to a small box in the middle of my large display. Is anyone else experiencing that issue?
  • gnayoubgnayoub Member
    Yes. Same problem.
  • ktmrc8ktmrc8 Member
    I just started getting this problem. I'm on r19.44. Quicken Premier. Windows 10 Pro. Regardless of how I resize, place, close and restart it always pops up in the middle of the screen in the same small size.
  • napochannapochan Member ✭✭
    After installing R19.44 today, the Search bar and menu bar (File, etc.) do not display correctly on my 4K monitor. I always had problems with Quicken handling this display resolution properly, but this issue is new with this release.

    I have a link to a photo of the concerned area, but Quicken won't let me post a live link?!?! Here's an abbreviated version

    Appreciate any help to resolve.
    ... Tom
  • ps56kps56k SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2019
    My 18.16 settings - for 1280x800 laptop - gonna wait awhile for the R19.44 failout

    Quicken 2020 Deluxe - Subscription - Windows 10
  • napochannapochan Member ✭✭
    Thanks Greg-the-Geek! I'm not sure I have the optimum settings, but with the information provided in the FAQ links I restored the display to a usable level. It sounds like they are working on other visual issues so I'll keep an eye on future releases.
    ... Tom
  • CurProCurPro Member ✭✭
    I have solved my problem using the only approach that seems to work. I reinstalled 18.16 from CD after a complete cleanse of all traces of "quicken" from my PC (folders, files, & registry). Now QUSER.ini works again like it should - my screen preferences are properly retained when closing Quicken and restored when opening.

    [Soapbox] IMHO, these 19.xx updates seem more like versions created just to support the subscription model - mostly window dressing and bug fixes from the earlier 19.xx distros. Going forward, I see no reason to upgrade unless and until a new version is transformational. Reading through other forum threads, this seems to be the mounting opinion of quite a few users, both regular and "super".

    As far as I'm concerned, this thread can be marked as closed (certainly NOT solved).
  • CurProCurPro Member ✭✭
    @ktmrc8: I completely sympathize with your problem which I also encountered with the R19.44 update to Quicken HB&RP in Win 10 Pro. I recounted my experiencein a recent thread on this forum. No solutions were suggested. My "solution" was finally to uninstall Quicken and completely remove all traces (files, folders, and registry) and then reinstall R18.16 from CD. I don't get the new rounded top corners of the Quicken window, but I can handle pain of that loss.
  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I could re-create your "small and middle of the screen" issue by changing my Q window from Full screen to "windowed" by using the Fullscreen vs Windowed icon in the upper right corner to shrink the Q window to "small and middle".
    I then exited Q, and re-started it ... and it re-opened "small and middle".
    BUT, when I used that same icon to expand to full screen and then exited Q ... it re-opened as fullscreen the next time I opened it.
    Which is simply saying that Q is remembering my last configuration and using it the next time I open the program.
    Lastly, I'm running R19.44 also
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription,  Home & Business
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP
  • SystemSystem Member ✭✭✭✭
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Quicken 18.6 Doesn't Remember Size and Location.
  • Moondoggy_1Moondoggy_1 Member ✭✭
    I'm using Quicken Premier R19.44 Build Recently, after a update I've noticed that Quicken is no longer retaining the size or position of the application window from the last time the application was closed. Instead of retaining the Window upon closure Quicken now opens pretty much in the middle of the screen in a small window that is useless to me as I now have to re-size and re-position the Window. Is anyone else seeing this behavior and if so is there a fix or a work around for this issue? It's really counter productive to have to re-size and re-position the window every time. Any help will be appreciated.
  • MonorailGoldMonorailGold Member ✭✭
    Longtime Quicken user. I'm on 2019 with the latest release. I run windows in a VM (Parallels 14, with all the current patches) on my Mac, also up to date on software. I run Quicken in Parallels "coherence" mode, so I essentially don't see the Windows VM environment but just Quicken itself. After the latest Quicken upgrade, I am having full screen display issues. When I exit coherence and launch Quicken, there is a mystery gray box. When Quicken launches and I go back to coherence, it runs in the same size as this smaller box. I've rebooted the VM, my Mac and even re-installed Quicken, all to no avail. Any ideas or suggestions?
  • MonorailGoldMonorailGold Member ✭✭
    Thanks Sherlock. I'll give that a try!
  • BmorguiBmorgui Member ✭✭
    I too have these problems, along with a menu bar that's been cut in half. As noted, none of the recommended "fixes" did anything. Please, please finally fix these display problems. They've been going on for YEARS.
  • Jim7Jim7 Member ✭✭
    I've had similar issues. My Quicken display was badly 'blown up" by the R19.44 upgrade this morning and I spent about 3 hours today chatting with Quicken support, who clearly didn't realize that changes in the upgrade may have caused the problem. He kept going back to basics - uninstall, reinstall, Windows registry changes, etc. After 3 hours we were unable to resolve all of the display issues, so we gave up.

    The upgrade has disrupted by ability to display Quicken correctly, and the longstanding Quicken Support tips to format Quicken on a HD display that worked fine before (also mentioned in the announcement) don't solve the problems created by the R19.44 upgrade. I haven't done a detailed review of all views, but pulldown menus above are still not visible due to limited space to show letters, icons shrunk to be almost illegible, fonts smaller than before become hard to read, and, of course, I am unable to change fonts that are not within the Registers to compensate.

    I hope they can correct the display issues created by the upgrade, or at least give is the option to 'downgrade' until improvements can be made.
  • fpfp Member ✭✭
    Ever since the Upgrade R19.44 Quicken is useless. On opening the type is so small I can't read it. Clicking Large fonts makes it too big. Even worse, when I start it, Quicken starts in very low display resolution and prevents the cursor from leaving the window to adjust the display. It even changed the display size on the entire Desktop.

    I have tried all of the fixes mentioned and nothing works. A solution is critical as the program is useless in it's current state. After decades of use, this is the worst mistake they have made
  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to report these issues to the Community, although I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    The multiple issues reported in this thread - 
        1.  QUSER.ini file settings not being retained 
        2.  Quicken opening in a small window in the center of the screen 
        3.  Opening/Closing Quicken causes the window to move further down the screen
        4.  The menu/tool bar display cut off

    have been reported to our Development Teams for further investigation.  Once a solution is available, it will be sent out as part of a future, upcoming release.

    Thank you,

  • Quicken SarahQuicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello @michaelrhodes1954 & @Dave

    Thank you for reporting this issue to the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    Our Development Team is investigating several reported issues with Quicken not opening, or opening to the incorrect size/position that correlate to using multiple monitors.

    Once a solution is available for these issues, it will be sent out as part of a future release.

    In the meantime, we recommend using Quicken on the primary monitor to ensure it opens and functions correctly.

    I hope this information is helpful and again appreciate your reporting this behavior to the Community.

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