RESOLVED Budgets & Budget Reports Show Blank Values After R19.44 Update

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Some Quicken for Windows 2018/19 subscription version Users are reporting the Budget and Budget Reports show blank values after installing the R19.44 Update.

 Some Users experiencing this issue have reported that the following troubleshooting steps have restored the values to the budget and reports.

  1. Close the budget report if it is open.
  2. Go to Planning > Budgets and pick Annual view and Actuals only. This should display the correct actuals. Click the left-arrow several times to update the actuals for earlier years.
  3. If there missing rows on the Budgets page, click on Budget Actions then "Select categories to budget..." and make sure the correct categories, including any income, salaries, and transfers, are selected. 
  4. If the actuals are still zero on the Budgets page, try clicking on Budget Actions then Select Accounts and make sure the desired accounts are selected.
  5. Once the Budgets page looks correct try re-opening the report.

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    RESOLVED 7/16/19

    The R20.15 release is now live and available to all Users.  R20.15 includes the solution for blank or zero values in the Budget Actuals and Budget Reports.

    If you have not yet, please install the R20.15 release via Help > Check for Updates or by running the One Step Update.

    The Release Notes and Mondo Patch have been updated and are available to view here.

    If issues with Budget values and/or categories are experienced after installing the R20.15 release, please create a new post detailing the issues being experienced.

    Thank you!
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