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Quicken ID sign in loop when attempting to update


  • jagrevejagreve Member ✭✭
    Quicken 2019 subscription: Select of "Update Accounts"
    gets rolling Enter Quicken ID Password Popup continues to popup up...
    Entering login/password results in "Success!" but does NOT do account updates.
    Note: I do NOT use Quicken Mobile, or Quicken Web/online so why is a Quicken ID needed to update account data. My quicken data goes back 20 years.
    Switching products is not a great option.

    A temp workaround is to "reinstall Quicken via download".
    This is not a clean solution and works until the next failure.
    This happen when on a VPN, and traffic is blocked temporary.

    It is unclear to me why Quicken Credentials are needed to download my transactions.
    Account access credentials are already in the "Quicken Vault", and should not require the "Quicken ID".
    There needs to be an option to bypass the requirement for QuickenID in order to "Update account".
  • Gary TaldaGary Talda Member ✭✭
    Just started happening to me. Inadvertently tried to connect using a hotel internet connection that had timed out. And now I am looping.
  • Gary TaldaGary Talda Member ✭✭
    Thanks! I did find a different way that worked. I just clicked the "close" button until the login screen went away. Then I created a new quicken file. I got the bogus login screen once which was successful. I then got the real login screen which was successful. I closed Quicken, opened it again and switched to my real data file. It worked.
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