six transactions mysteriously deleted by quicken

I balanced my April checking account. I always add a memo at the last entry of the month stating the balance and the date balanced. When I went to balance May the balance for April had changed. It turned out that six transactions, all transfers at the beginning of April, were deleted. I entered them manually, but it was a pain to track down the error. This happened after 4/30 and before today, 6/11/19.


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    A transfer moves funds from Account A to Account B.  If you delete the Account B side of the transaction ... the Account A side gets deleted also.
    You can't have a "one-sided transfer", the concept of which is an oxymoron.
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    So were they also deleted from the accounts they were transferred to? Was your memo line still there for April recon?   Could you have opened the wrong file?
  • NantucketbobNantucketbob Member ✭✭
    The deletions were from one account, our main checking account. The six transactions were completely deleted including their appearance in the savings accounts to which the funds were transferred. Correct file. All other accounts were OK.
  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you syncing your data file for use with Quicken on your smartphone or Quicken on the Web?
    If so, are all accounts involved in these six transactions included in the Sync process?
  • NantucketbobNantucketbob Member ✭✭
    No. I use a desktop version exclusively. I do not have the Quicken app installed on my cell phone.
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    Are you sure you're not syncing to the Quicken Cloud even though you're not using Mobile or Quicken on the Web? From Quicken --> Edit --> Preferences --> Cloud Accounts. What does Last Sync say?
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  • NantucketbobNantucketbob Member ✭✭
    At that link (cloud) it says: last Sync Never. I don't use the cloud except for iCloud photos and a few other things.
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    Quicken has many sort options that can make transactions "disappear". Its not clear if you've done an actual "Title Bar" search. You say " I always add a memo at the last entry of the month stating the balance and the date balanced.", have you tried a global search for any memo entry you entered?
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    It is also possible that if you were viewing a report and selected the 6 transactions and chose to delete them (from the report you think) you were actually deleting them from the file - both accounts.  
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