Huntington Direct Connect not working for days

Getting the OL-220A error when trying to update 3 accounts I have with Huntington Bank. This has been happening since last Friday. Talked to Huntington today and they said they may have done an update. Told me to disable and then re-enable access to my account by third party financial applications (which is required for Quicken to use direct connect). I did that and it did no good. Still cannot download transactions from my primary checking account.

Anyone else use Quicken Direct Connect with Huntington Bank?

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  • jeandersonjeanderson Member ✭✭
    From my connection log (CONNLOG.TXT):
    20190612 06:20:12: QFN: Beginning send to
    20190612 06:20:16: QFN: End send to, netstatus 0
    20190612 06:20:16: Parse error. Current object: Null Object
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    Based on the error code response here, it sounds like you will need to press the bank for more assistance.
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  • jeandersonjeanderson Member ✭✭
    > @GeoffG said:
    > Based on the error code response here, it sounds like you will need to press the bank for more assistance.

    I talked to someone at the bank yesterday, a young girl who didn't know very much. She had to go off and research what I was talking about. After a few minutes, she came back with a "fix", which was to disable access for third-party financial tools, save, logout. Login, re-enable access, save and logout. I tried this twice with no resolution.
  • jeandersonjeanderson Member ✭✭
    > @GeoffG said:
    > The other option you can try is to create a test file (new file) and add just Huntington bank and see it that resolves the connection. If so, then the original data file will need further investigation. If it also fails, then the problem is at the bank.
    ^^^ Thanks for this suggestion. I created a new file and added Huntington bank and it worked just fine. So obviously, the problem was on my end. I called Quicken support and they helped me reset my online information and re-enter it. I'm up and running just fine. Thanks again for this suggestion. I will try this whenever I have connection problem to try determine if it's the bank or Quicken.
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    > @thecreator said:
    > Hi @jeanderson ,
    > You might wish to change your pin or password for Huntington Bank each time that Downloads stop. This also refreshes the Account as well.

    Great idea. I should change my bank password from time to time anyway. Thanks.
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