Quicken not seeing source for my scanner

Sorry, there was not a true category for this question. I have just bought a new computer. (I did not have this issue with my old computer.) I can scan on my computer. The Quicken program is not coming up with the printer to scan in source when I want to attach a receipt. I can print a report in Quicken. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the the printer and the Quicken program twice. How can I fix this please.


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    Have you reviewed "Attach a bill ..." in Q Help?
    Have you followed the process specified there for adding Attachments to a transaction?
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    Yes, I have been using Quicken for 30 years. When I click on add attachment from scanner the source box comes up with no option in it. But as I say I can print a report in Quicken on same printer. I can scan a document from the printers screen. The printer/scanner is just not coming up in the source box. I do NOT have time to scan to a file and then attach file. I have way to many receipts a month I attach.
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    Did you downlead/install the printer/scanner software from the manufacturer's website or just let Windows do it?
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    I went to control panel, install a printer, it found it and I let it install. What doesn't make sense is I can scan to my computer from the scan app in HP Smart. I can print a report in Quicken. I just don't get a scanner to come up in the "source box" to attach a receipt. I appreciate any help you can give me.
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    Margueritelh  ,

    What you did is only good for the printer itself, but not the Scanner!

    You need to go to the HP Web Site and download the software for your Printer and Scanner and Fax. The Software is all in one. You haven't furnish information on the printer or Quicken.

    See this post:   https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7803899/add-your-quicken-information-to-your-posts-plus-how-you-are-connected-to-the-internet#latest
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    Thank you Thank you. All is working properly now!!!!
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