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Quicken is unable to launch (edited)

Gil ForbesGil Forbes Member ✭✭
Suddenly, this evening, I can't launch Quicken. I keep getting the message shown. I have performed all the steps listed (several times) and it hasn't helped. I'm still locked out. I have Full Control of all aspects of running Quicken and there has never been a "Deny" box checked in the Properties Security screen. Why does Quicken think there is?

Now, being locked out, I can't even address the other insoluble problem that's been bugging me for the last week. That being that one of my banks will not Update because of some non-existent error in the connection setup. I have gone thru the "Automatic Entry Off, Deactivation and Re-activation process several times to no avail. Quicken just runs me through the same circuit over and over.

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  • Gil ForbesGil Forbes Member ✭✭
    You will be young, handsome, and wealthy in your next life. Thanks! That worked. Now, if I can get some help on the other issue, I will be ecstatic. OOO what a feeling that will be.
  • Greg_the_GeekGreg_the_Geek SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Have you posted any information about your "other issue"?
    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
  • Gil ForbesGil Forbes Member ✭✭
    No. This was my first post on this site. I will post as a single entry and several screen shots to help clarify the problem. Thanks again for your help.
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