Can I still install the Quicken 2015 disk?

I have been using Quicken for 20+ years. I stopped updating when the subscription became mandatory. So the disk I own is Quicken Deluxe 2015.

I had a computer issue with my windows 10 yesterday and before I did anything I backed up quicken to a flash drive. Ultimately I reinstalled Windows. Now I need to reinstall quicken and I can't.

I get a "log in to Intuit" window. When I put in my user name/password it says an unknown error occurred, to come back later.

The top left corner of that page has File and Help. I tried to finagle around there but had no luck. Is it possible that since a subscription is now a must I cannot install this version of Quicken?

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    Ok, I'm sorry. Pretend I'm 5. So I installed the CD. Then I followed your link and I saw 17.5 MONDO, but not 17.4. I installed that patch and received a message...The code execution cannot proceed because MSVDP120.dll was not found.

    What now?
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    Did you scroll down to the "Quicken 2015" section?  Because 17.15 is a "Subscription" product patch.
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    Scroll down to here:

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    It is sad that Quicken does not make these things available. It is a good thing that a kind user like @QPW decided to keep a copy of all of these and share them with everyone.

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