How can I change the category on MULTIPLE split transactions at once

Just realized that a couple hundred split transactions are showing uncategorized for my dental insurance. The transactions have 4 & 5 splits. This would take forever to manually edit. Is there a way to edit/replace this one part of the split "automatically"?


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    Hello Jonni,

    There currently, is no way to mass edit the category of split transactions.

    Transactions themselves can be mass edited, but not if they are in a split.

    Did these have a category at one time and the category is now missing?

    If so, when did you notice this? Depending on when this happened. You may be able to restore a backup file from when the categories were last listed.

    -Quicken Tyka

    -Quicken Tyka
  • The category is only missing on 1 of the 4/5 splits in the transaction. probably happened when I converted to quicken in 2016. Disappointed that there is no mass edit for split transactions.
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    Jonni, yes, this is a longstanding sore spot for Quicken Mac users. You can visit this idea thread from 2016  and add your vote to the request for this missing functionality.

    In the blue box under the first post there, add your vote by clicking the little gray triangle under the vote number. This request had 143 votes on the previous forum, plus -- currently -- three on this forum since the switchover in platforms earlier this year. Ideas which get as many as 150 votes are hopefully somewhere on the radar of the development team, and more votes can potentially get an issue moved up the priority list.
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