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Quicken Online Service is Unavailable at this time. Try Later

I have not seen anyone else posting this to Support and wonder is it just me and / or if not ETA for a fix.
I have 2 PCs. Traveling I copied my Quicken data to my laptop and was able to open the file last week. Last night and again today I open the file, am asked for my Quicken ID and password - the same as I logged into my quicken account successfully today, see a popup window which says "Success" but after several minutes I closed the window, clicked update now and the same enter Quicken ID and Password pop up, I enter them again same "Success" pop up, clicked the close "X" got Enter Vault Password, and click Update Now and for the third time I get the same old Enter Quicken ID and Password. do so "Success" and this time get "Quicken Online Service is Unavailable at this time. Try Later" I am running Quicken Deluxe 2019 / R19.44 / and I am valid for another 449 days.


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