How to remove Quicken Login requirement

I had to pay a subscription fee to continue using Q, not a good thing, so many bugs. So I'm trying to update my accounts and pay bills, I click "Update" for the password vault when a totally new log in window appears requiring a Quicken Acct log in. Not seen this before. This should not be necessary, I only want to update my financial accounts, I do not use Q on line. And I cannot get past the stupid window. Cannot close it, it keeps popping up. Cannot do anything else, it blocks the screen from any other activity. Had to force close with task manager. Reopened Q and the same bug appears. Had to set up an account, reset my password with all the nonsense Q requires, and keep trying only to get a popup window saying sorry, Q is not available right now, try later. Stop this! I only want to log into the password vault to download my account transactions and pay bills. I don't need to log into Q. How can I override or kill this unnecessary feature. Until Q fixes this I'm dead in the water.

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    @gregb4 PLEASE use the Gear icon above and to the right of your message title to EDIT your post by inserting some "white space".  You can do this by hitting enter at the end of sentences to create paragraphs.
    A is, I went cross-eyed trying to follow your post ... so I stopped doing so.
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  • gregb4
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    Thank you for your reply, it worked. It was a long series of steps, reentering the same id and pw each time, but it seems to work. I still wish I could eliminate the Q ID login altogether-I don't need it, it's unnecessary, and it only causes problems. Thanks again.
  • gregb4
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    not a good reason, especially due to the bugs. The initial setup use should be enough.
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