What direct connect financial institutions still work for you with Quicken for Mac 2007?

This was intended as a new question but somehow my first attempt resulted in it getting tacked onto an old dead discussion I started a week so here goes again:

I have seven financial institutions that still work for me on Quicken for Mac 2007 and another one that works but that I no longer use due to bill pay not working:

American Express
Capital One Bank
Charles Schwab Bank
Charles Schwab & Co
Citi Cards
CitiBusiness Credit Cards
Wells Fargo Bank

I am able to download transactions from all of these institutions but the two from Citi rarely connect these days.

Bill pay on Capital One and Chase worked the last time I tried but were the only two left with direct connect bill pay after it stopped working on Wells Fargo.

I don't use Capital One bill pay as it seems to set up an online bill payment and then each bill pay transaction ends up showing twice in the register. It is also problematic when trying to change it or delete it.

I keep Chase disabled for scheduled one step updates due to random modal alerts about how they are changing dates for something. I've been getting the same alert every few updates for years now. If anyone knows how to fix this please speak up.

For people who are still using Quicken for Mac 2007 what institutions still work for you with direct connect?


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