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Confused about disfunction in Quicken. I have been a faithful Quicken user since the mid 1980’s. It worked fine until it separated from Intuit. I am really discouraged. I tried to use it over the past 2 years, paying for updates, even. But, I do not trust the results.

On 6/24/2019, I reached Customer Care. After being online and on the phone for over an hour, Quicken seems to be working on Windows 10.

1. But, my primary financial institution asks for coded confirmations multiple times before allowing updates to various accounts. That is concerning.
2. But, the APP on my iPhone 10 IOS will not sync with my current file in windows. The phone consultant had me set up a new Quicken file in Windows 10. It sync’d with the APP on my phone. The agent said I would have to reestablish a complete new Quicken file to be able to use the Cloud Sync function and view the balances on my phone.

I will lose years of historical entries. The agent said I could try using the Wondows 10 file only and ignore using the APP. After hundreds of dollars and innumerable hours trying to complete correct ongoing problems, I am almost done with Quicken forever.

The agent finally hung up on me. He said he would call back. However, it is now 6/25/2019 @ 9:15AM. I have not received a call back.


  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod

    My name is Sarah and I am a Moderator in the Quicken Community, as well as an official representative of the Quicken Support Teams.

    I appreciate your taking the time to share the details of this issue and your recent experience with Support with the Community, although I apologize for the negative interaction and that you have not received the promised callback.

    I would like to look into this matter further, were you by any chance provided with a Case Number by the Support Agent?  If so, what is that case number?

    To ensure I am understanding what is happening in Quicken correctly, I apologize but I have a few questions.

    When running the One Step Update, does the update complete?  Or do you receive an error message or code?

    If an error message/code is received, does the error occur for every Financial Institution?  Or only specific institutions and which ones?

    When attempting to sync with the Quicken Cloud, are you initiating the sync from the One Step Update window?  Or from the Mobile & Web tab?

    Please also go to the Mobile & Web tab in Quicken and what date is listed as the Last Sync Date?

    Please let us know, thank you.

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