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Hi Everyone!

It’s time to ring in the summer and celebrate the sunshine, warm temps and lazy days.  The last month has been a whirlwind of investigating, development and testing to resolve the issues, instability and crashes reported in the Quicken Windows 2019 (subscription) versions.

The R19.55 Hot Fix release is targeted at resolving the remaining reported crash issues with Quicken and is currently (at time of writing) in a staged release format and has not yet been released to all Users.  

The R19.52 Hot Fix release is available to be downloaded and installed from here. The R19.52 Hot Fix is targeted at resolving some reported crashes.

Solutions for the remaining reported issues have been found and are currently undergoing development and/or testing.  We anticipate the solutions to be available and ready to send out as quickly as possible as a part of the R20 release.


Currently Known Quicken for Windows Issues and Workarounds to Resolve

Users unable to import Web Connect (.QFX) files 

Blank or $0.00 Budget Actuals Values 

Old, already entered/ignored/deleted Reminders reappear 

 OL-1-B Error when Adding/Updating Accounts with Multiple Financial Institutions 

Crash After Installing R19.52 Release


Quicken for Mac

Quicken for Mac 5.11.1 is now available.  In this release we've added new features with the ability to change register text size and transfer shares, including multiple fixes and improvements.

For a full list of everything included in the release, check out the Release Notes found here.


Community Stats – June 2019

1,612 New Discussion posts created with 6,752 comments posted by 1,701 Contributors
 1,127 New Question posts created with 1,185 answers posted and 1,036 Accepted Answers 



Getting the Most out of the Quicken Community


The Quicken Community houses a vast amount of knowledge, answers to a variety of questions, discussions on best practices or tips and tricks for using Quicken, such as entering transactions or managing different financial situations that may occur such as stock splits or spinoffs. 

We encourage Users to “Pay it Forward” and if an answer or response is received, please take a minute to accept the answer and/or like the response.   

Join in the Conversation, share your knowledge and expertise by reviewing other posts to help answer another Users posted question/concern.

Treat others as you would expect to be treated.  Most Members of the Community are other Quicken Users who generously donate their time, energy and expertise to help others. 

Add your Vote!  If you would like to see an Idea post added to the Quicken software, be sure to add your vote.  Idea posts are reviewed by Quicken Product Teams for insight on future features/functionality Users would like to see added to Quicken and the more votes an Idea receives, the higher it is prioritized for possible implementation.

Community Moderators are official Quicken Employees who perform a variety of roles.  The main role of Moderators is to edit, move or remove posts as appropriate to keep the Community clean, easy to search and use.

Moderators help identify, troubleshoot and resolve questions and concerns directly related to Quicken and the Community. 

Moderators will also test, report and/or escalate reproducible product Bugs/Issues and may contact Community Members for additional information on reported bugs/issues.


Questions vs Discussions vs Idea Posts

When posting in the Quicken Community, all Users have the option to choose 1 of 3 conversation types.

Questions – How do I, specific questions related to the use of Quicken, entering transaction/data, creating reports, print checks, etc.

Discussions – Request for suggestions, opinions or topics of how other users use Quicken

Ideas – New features/functionality requests for Quicken

When posting be sure to select the most appropriate conversation type and category.  Selecting the correct conversation type and category will help other Users to see your post and ensure you receive an answer or response in a timely manner.


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[Content Edited 7/1/19 to include updated information on current Windows Releases]

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