Quicken World Mastercard - How do I redeem my free 1-year Quicken membership

Current Quicken 2017 Premier will expire April 30, 2020. I applied for / received and have used the Quicken Mastercard provided through US Bank. I received an email from Quicken Community <[email protected]> that states the following:

"If you have an existing Quicken membership:" (My current Membership expires April 30, 2020)

1 Launch Quicken on your computer
2 Follow steps 2 - 4 above

Steps 2 - 4 above:

2 Go to Help > Enter Activation Code (Windows) or Quicken > Enter Activation Code (Mac)
3 Click Begin Activation and enter activation code: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
4 Click Activate Membership to begin using Quicken

First problem is that when I click Help from my current 2017 Premier there is NO "Enter Activation Code" option listed.
Second Problem is the message at the bottom of the email states: "Your Activation Code expires December 1, 2020".

The Original offer states " Card Members who already subscribe to Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, or Quicken Home & Business and who satisfy the purchase requirement will receive a one-year extension of their current subscription"

Since my current expiration of Quicken Premier 2017 is April 30, 2020, that should make the new expiration date April 30, 2021, not December 1 2020 as stated in the email. Of course this assumes a resolution of the first problem, how to enter the activation code.

What am I missing?

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  • NotACPA
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    Double check that HELP menu (NOT F1 HELP).  I show "Enter Activation Code" as the 9th item down.
    If it's still not there, you'll probably need to contact Q Support for further assistance.
    Scroll to the bottom of the webpage for your support options.

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  • Al.M
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    I guess I'll have to call. I have included a clip of my help menu and version info.
  • Al.M
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    I guess my mistake was reading the word subscription that states, "an arrangement by which access is granted to an online service", to cover the access that I have with my 2017 version. Based on what you say, Quicken must be narrowing their meaning to specify a particular definition of the word subscription to apply to a particular version of their product.
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