401k not syncing properly

I've been using quicken for a long time. But, I just started to use Quicken Web. I synced all of my accounts to the web. All accounts, except for my Fidelity 401k account are syncing correctly. I have 7 equities in my 401k, However, only 1 equity is showing on Quicken Web.

The equity showing is the second highest in value and the 3rd highest in the number of shares. The number of shares shown is the sum of the shares that I own across all 7 equities.

The market value is about $3,000 different than the value that is being shown in Quicken Deluxe (the Quicken Deluxe value is consistent with the value at Fidelity's website).

I also have an IRA from Citibank with 2 equities. Both of these equities are showing in Quicken Web as I would expect them to.

The difference between the 401k and IRA in Quicken Deluxe is that I download all transactions from Fidelity for the 401k and I manage transactions manually for the Citibank IRA (I just download the current equity quotes for the IRA.

Do I need to do something special to get all of the equities and the correct balance of my 401k to sync to Quicken Web correctly?


  • It looks like all accounts are getting uploaded when I sync to the cloud. I can see all of them if I look at my account using the Android app. But, the overall value of the account is still incorrect. It hasn't changed since Sunday, despite this week's 401K contribution being added to my account and the price of equities changing. In the app, unlike the equities in my IRA, it doesn't show any detail about the equities (52 week high, low, daily change, etc...).

    Unlike my other accounts, that I manage in Quicken manually, this is an account that I let Quicken & Fidelity handle all of the Quicken transactions. I can't be the only person having problems with a Fidelity account downloading properly into Quicken but then not syncing properly to the cloud.
  • I just figured out part of the problem. Because all transactions are coming from Fidelity, it looks like the desktop version of Quicken doesn't need to to download the individual securities in order to maintain an accurate balance. After I added all 7 of the 401k securities to my "Download quotes and investment information" section of my One Step Update Settings screen, and ran a one step update (which also synced to the cloud), the balance of my 401k is now showing accurately on the Quicken Web screen. But, it is still showing as if I only have 1 equity with the number of shares being the sum all all of my holdings, the price being accurate for the equity that it is showing, and the Market Value being the total value of my 401k account.

    When I drill into that account, the only value that is populated in the drill down screen is "Previous Close". Everything else is showing zeroes.
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