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Auto categories

How about assigning categories to downloaded credit card transactions based on those previously assigned by the user. Seems pretty basic but it seems beyond the capabilities of Quicken.


  • DonaldE
    DonaldE Member ✭✭
    I can't believe it's not part of Quicken 2019 since it was part of Quicken Mac 2007
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    This is part of the modern Quicken Mac, but it's broken in parts currently as the developers have started overhauling some things about how transactions are stored and user control over them. One thing to try, which originally worked and still seems to work for some users in some circumstances, is to create a manual transaction for a Payee name with the category you want, and give it the amount of a transaciton you have yet to download. When you download the transaction, drag the manual one over the downloaded one, and Quicken will merge them; it is also supposed to retain that information for future transactions. Try it; it may or may not work for you, as there have been some conflicting reports.

    To the extent it's broken currently, the product manager has said they are working on creating some form of saved or memorized transactions along the lines of Quicken 2007 memorized transactions, so we're just waiting for that new functionality to arrive in an update sometime this year. 
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