Why can't I see the dates of my transactions? (Q Mac)

There is a date column, but it is always blank.

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  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    What do you have clicked on the left sidebar? Can you post a screenshot of a part of the screen to show us what you're seeing?
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  • I found the date. However, what I also need is the name of the Payee. I still can't find that:
    On the left side of the screen I have highlighted my checking account. I will send a screen shot of the right side of screen. I have highlighted a check. (See Shot #1) When I click on Transaction/show details in the top menu I see the date and the check number again, but not the actual payee.(Shot #2)
    Can you help with the "Payee" problem? :)
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    This seems like Quicken is showing whatever information is being transmitted by your bank, and that the problem may be what your bank is sending. Please click on that check in your register, and then select from the menu View > Show Inspector. This will pop open a window that shows all the fields for this transaction. At the bottom, there's a section called "From your financial institution" with "FI Payee" -- this will show the exact text your financial institution is sending as the Payee. It's useful to see if what you're seeing in your register is what the bank is sending, or is something Quicken has incorrectly chosen for display.

    In this case, is the check one that you wrote by hand? If that's the case, the bank cannot know the name of the check payee; all it can do is show the check number, and it's up to you to edit the actual Payee. What many Quicken users do is create a manual transaction in their register when they write a check; when Quicken downloads the cleared check transaction, if the date and amount match your manually-entered transaction, Quicken may auto-match and combine the two; if not, you can drag one over the other and Quicken will combine them.
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    If the Date column doesn't show the actual date, it could be too narrow. Try making it a little wider. Drag the "|" column separator in the column header to the right.
  • Jacobs - Thanks you for your last reply. Yes that all makes sense. Those checks were handwritten, and I will take your advice and enter them manually when I write them. I appreciate your help very much.

    Also thanks to UKR. The dates only show when I click on transaction details. I did try widening the date field, but it still doesn't show up unless I look for it in the details. It won't let me manually enter the date so that I can always see it.
  • Checked, and found format was M/D/YY. Changed it to MM/DD/YYYY, and Voila! All the dates are now showing, I would never have thought of that. UKR, you have made my day - Thank you :)
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    That seems like a bug...mods please take note .

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    @[email protected] You should take a moment to go to the Report a Problem on the Quicken Help menu and describe that dates weren't visible in your register with the date format set to M/D/YY. Attache the screen shot you posted here which shows it. I can't think of a reason why that shouldn't work, so calling it to the attention of the developers could help others, (or you in the future if you ever want to switch back).
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  • Thanks Jacobs - I did report the problem, as you suggested.
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