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Quicken Error CC-502 from FirstMark CU - after updating to latest release R19.55

Dr. J
Dr. J Member
I have not been able to download accounts from Firstmark Credit Union since the most recent update in Quicken (last successful download July 1, 2019; problems began July 4, 2019).

All other bank accounts, credit cards, 401K, etc. work fine in the One-Step update.
All Firstmark accounts give the CC-502 error.

Steps taken:

The Credit Union confirms no recent server updates or maintenance on their end, I've not changed passwords recently, and I have direct online access to all of my accounts through the bank website.

I validated the Quicken data file, no issues.

Resetting accounts in Quicken is not successful.

I deactivated online access in Quicken for all Firstmark accounts and attempted to re-add. Three outcomes:
Not all accounts are found (e.g., offers to link checking/savings, but not money market or some other combo)

Offers to link to a data file in Quicken from the same credit union but with a different account number

Gives a "cannot connect to server" error message.

If Quicken is able to find an account and I link it and click next, it never completes (green circle never stops spinning, nothing is ever downloaded (waited up to 10 minutes).

If I deactivate the accounts in Quicken, go to Firstmark and download the qfx file, when I open it in Quicken and try to link it, it downloads transactions from 2013-2014, sometimes as matches and sometimes as new. IF it downloads as matches, with a new transaction, (which I can confirm), the date is wrong (instead of 2019, it is 2017).

Given that everything worked until the 19.55 update, I'm hoping there is a fix coming soon?

Internet connection: Spectrum Time Warner, 200 MB/sec
Quicken Deluxe 2019 Version: R19.55 Build
Windows 10 Version 1903 OS Build 18362.239


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