Can I have multi-financial institutions within one account in Quicken

Can I have several different banks and financial institutions within one Quicken account, for example, Bank 1 with 2 checking and a savings account, Bank 2 with checking, saving and credit cards and Brokerage account with several accounts? How does the transaction download and reconcile work with the different institutions?

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  • SherlockSherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yes.  An association is established between the account information obtained from a financial institution and a register in Quicken.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:
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  • Dave BachmeierDave Bachmeier Member ✭✭
    You answered my secondary question, but not the primary question about having multi-unrelated financial institutions within one Quicken account.

    I am currently using different Quicken accounts for each financial institution, but it would be convenient to have only one quicken account.
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    I have 7 different Financial Institutions within my primary Q data file.
    You might be  confusing Account with FILE.  One file  can,  and usually does,  support  MANY different accounts.
    And many of those Financial Institutions have as many as  3  or 4 accounts that  I download into Q.
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