Scheduled Online Update after sleep full of errors

I have set up my Quicken Windows to do a daily online update on a schedule. Very often the computer is sleeping when the trigger time comes around, so the update doesn't occur until the next time I wake the computer. This all worked fine until a recent update to Quicken. Since then, when the computer wakes and an update is triggered, most of the accounts in the update fail. I suspect the problem is that the ethernet port on the computer has not fully revived when the update begins and so errors due to no internet connectivity occur. I imagine that previously Quicken either ran after a longer delay after the computer wakes, or else it knew to wait for the network connection to come back online before starting the update.

I might as well not bother with the scheduled update because I now end up having to do them all manually. The computer is fully online by then, so the errors never occur.

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  • cdp650cdp650 Member
    FYI - The error is OL-1B
  • cdp650cdp650 Member
    Yes. And I hope I have contributed some valuable information by relating it to wake from sleep, since that's the only time the problem occurs for me.

    Thanks for the encouragement.
  • RonRon Member ✭✭
    When will the fix be available?
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