Setup Budget w/o recurring transaction amounts

I try to use the budget tool every month but it always assumes that my income is way more than it is. I assume this is based on a bonus received in 2018. I don't calculate that in my budget because it is too unpredictable. Even though I put in my exact salary for the month it assumes I have $5000 more coming in (every month!) so I can't get a real accurate picture when I am inputting my amounts. I have tried creating new budgets but it always calculates that extra income. I can't see anyway in the program to zero that out. Help! :s :( :s

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  • NotACPA
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    How did you record that bonus in  Q? What category did you use?  What category does your regular salary use?
    And, what  Q product are you using?  What country?  What Build of Q?
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  • kmushy
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    I posted the bonus to income. I used the same category as my salary. Quicken Starter 2019 USA
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