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(Quicken Deluxe 2019) Hello, I am new to quicken and can't seem to work out HOW to track my bills. For example, I have a medical bill I am paying down with monthly payments, is there a way to enter the original amount, then track the balance due? Similar to how a loan is tracked? OR do I need to treat it as a Loan and use that tool? Another example would be the bill for furnace repair, which I am also making monthly payments on.

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  • Thank you for your answer, I know how to do the reminders, but I am confused on the account registers part? Do you mean to set it like I set up the bank accounts....under that heading? I guess that sort of makes sense, I will have to look at that.
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    NO, it's not a Bank account ... which are usually checking, savings and the like.
    Set it up as an "Other Liability" account ... as it's money that you  owe.
    You can  use a single Liability account for both amounts owed.  Just use Tags (See Q; HELP for how to use them)  and attach that appropriate tag to each payment made.
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  • Thank you, I "think" I have worked it out now.
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