QuickenBillPay not stopped after downgrade

I had quicken Premiere for a year, and never used BillPay, so I downgraded to Started. This minting I see a change for $9.95 on my card for QuickenBillPay. Why did Quicken assume I wanted to continue that service? There is nothing in the info when downgrading that states that BillPay will continue. Nothing in the emails confirming my selection states that BillPay will continue.

I just called BillPay to deactivate, and they're telling me they have to submit a ticket to request the refund of my $9.95.

This is ludicrous. My financial relationship with BillPay was SOLELY managed through Quicken, yet there is no info on the Quicken site that states that I need to do something different to deactivate that service. Seems like a shady practice to me, as how many people would just be paying that 49.95 per month without realizing it?

I need Quicken to do the following:
1) Be EXPLICIT when customers downgrade to a Quicken plan that does not include BillPay that they need to take action to cancel it. Better yet, advise the customer the Bill Pay will be CANCELLED, unless the customer takes action.

2) Contact QuickenBillPay and ensure that I get my $9.95 refunded.

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    @blackjackmark What's the EXACT wording of the PAYEE in that downloaded transaction?  A picture of the transaction would help even more.
    You can take that picture using Win's "Snipping Tool" in your Win Accessories folder and attach it using the "paper with a folded corner" icon, above.
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