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Why is Quicken 2019 Premier running SO slowly on my Lenovo (work) PC and normally on my home PC

Work PC - extremely slow or no response. I can bring up the check register, but if i attempt to access a register line, the window does a slow size flex and never really gives me the cursor back

This only happens on the work PC. this does not happen on my home PC. I have reinstalled on that PC to no effect. I have no SYNC or backup going on on that PC. My biggest file has 13,608 transactions. I have reduced the Quicken file to 151 MB

I'd say this happened roughly around the time of upgrade to latest Quicken


  • Snowman
    Snowman Member ✭✭✭✭
    I have a nephew that has a Lenovo and it has been a magnet for bots and other malware which caused all manner of issues, many like you describe.  The first step I  would do is a comprehensive scan for malware.  I have found the best at this is Malwarebytes.  The connection to the last update of Quicken may be coincidental.  If you are running Windows 10 open task manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and click on the performance tab.  If malware is present you CPU and/or your drive activity may be at or near 100% which would indicate malware. 

    Also how much RAM does the Lenovo at work have compared to your home computer?
  • Bill34
    Bill34 Member ✭✭

    thanks for the quick response. I don't know how much RAM my Lenovo has compared to my home computer. I'm on vacation so hard to tell. Its a fairly new computer with 8 GM of RAM. the home computer is at least 4 years old

    for the malware bit, task manager says 11% cpu, 64% memory (mostly explorer at 400mb, Outlook at 188 MB, and McAfee at 130MB)), 2% disk. Performance tab around 9% utilization.

    i'm hesitant to run MALWAREBYTES as its a work computer and i trust they don't let malware get on here
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Just a guess ...
    Your IT guys at work are blocking Quicken from establishing outbound Internet connections thru the corporate firewall. This is causing Quicken to spend a lot of time waiting for server responses that are never going to happen.
    To prove this point, try running Quicken at work with the computer completely disconnected from Ethernet and WiFi set to disabled.
    At the last company I worked for before retiring, running personal software on a work computer would have been grounds for a serious talking-to from the boss, up to and including instant dismissal.
  • Bill34
    Bill34 Member ✭✭
    Interesting. I tried and initially felt that you nailed it. My first transaction was fine - then i shifted to another account. the slowdown occurred. One of the symptoms is that when i click on a field, the screen flexes (the entire screen ind of expands, then contracts back to normal). after a while i was able to enter a few transactions (with WIFI disabled). So, my thought it that it is definitely, maybe solved. or partially solved. or WIFI interference is a piece of this.

    thanks for concern about the use of the software. Not an issue for me though
  • Bill34
    Bill34 Member ✭✭
    Update: yes, you did nail this. THANK YOU!!! I've been testing this sans-network and Quicken acts normally.

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