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Paycheck entering net pay in primary account

After recent quicken update my paycheck (set up by paycheck wizard) now enters net amount to the primary account and not calculated amount after all adjustments to the primary account. I have tried re-setting up the paycheck, deleting the old one and rebuilding using the wizard, with the same result. Any ideas?


  • jr7107
    jr7107 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    While the wizards are nice, I just create a deposit that is a split transaction. It works for my purposes, keeping it simple. Deductions go to categories, and 401k deductions are transfers. I don't need a wizard to set it up.

    Additionally if the paycheck is not changing weekly, then you can cut/paste the transaction modifying the date for whatever account you want to deposit.
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  • John B6
    John B6 Member
    jr7107: Thanks for the quick reply. I have had great success with the wizards and recognize the task can be completed with a complex split deposit. Hoping there is a better fix - thanks
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