Is (833) [removed] a Legitimate Number to Get a Call from Quicken Support?

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I used the interactive window on Quicken's website to ask a question regarding downloading problems and was called by someone on (833)[removed]. The support person did not sound credible and I am worried about having compromised my computer, etc.
Peter Willson

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  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Did you give the person access to your computer, or data? 
    Did you provide them with any account info, such as account numbers or passwords.

    If the answer to all of those is NO, then I'd think that you're still safe.

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  • PeteLLPeteLL Member ✭✭
    Thank you Volvogirl and NotACPA. Perhaps I was to brief. I used the chat window on Quicken's website to describe my download problem--I did not call some number I had found. Instead of getting a message in return, I received a telephone call from the (833) number I listed in my posting. I subsequently went again to Quicken's website and called the (888) number listed on their website. The person who responded didn't identify himself as "Quicken" and I hung up. I quickly received another call from the same (833) number that called earlier asking if I had called--I hung up. I am paranoid about getting hoodwinked and that was the reason for my posting--I suspect that everything is fine and I ran into a person in a call center who did not instill trust.
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    The problem is that Quicken no longer has an 888 number listed on their website (only at the link above and within your subscription account for Premium members) so not sure where you got that number. Again, only legitimate Quicken support is available online or phone via the link above. 833 is not a valid number from Quicken. 
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