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Transactions for Alliant Credit Union not downloading

I've been over this issue with phone support. There is still no fix.

What level of importance is this issue? What level of importance is this issue in that it concerns Alliant Credit Union?

As a consumer of products from both companies, Alliant and Quicken, I'm frankly growing weary of the runaround and passing the buck!



  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Paolo I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, your question is not easy to answer. If the problem is with the creidt union, then it's 100% on them to fix, and there's nothing Quicken can do. If the problem is that the credit union changed their wbesite or login or download process, then it falls to Quicken to modify their scripts to adapt to the financial institution. That's a process which could take as little as days, but often takes weeks.

    Quicken supports more than 14,000 financial institutions, so if each one makes a change to their website only once every 24 months, there are still more than 125 institutions that need programming changes every week.

    Oh, and to add to the complexity, the connectivity team is actually part of Intuit, Quicken's former parent company, which still handles this piece of the operations under contract from Quicken. So there are often three parties involved in trying to identify and fix changes and problems.

    You didn't indicate in your post exactly what problem you're having -- is it not contacting the site? connecting by not logging in correctly? logging in but not downloading transactions? -- each of which might point to different potential culprits. How long ago did the problem start happening? How long ago did you speak with Quicken Support about the problem? Did they connect to your Mac to verify the problem you're seeing, and escalate it to their connectivity team?

    Again, I understand your frustration at the situation; you just want the darn thing to work. I'm trying only to explain that there are multiple moving pieces and sometimes a resolution to certain connectivity problems takes weeks to get resolved, depending what the actual problem is.
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  • Roger M
    Roger M Member ✭✭✭✭
    I have accounts with Alliant Credit Union, and I also experienced the same problem. This is an Express Web Connect connection, which is always somewhat finicky, by it's nature, regardless of your financial institution.

    I corrected the problem by deactivating online services for all Alliant accounts, from the Account Details >> Online Services window. Then I enabled online services on just one account. It located both accounts, which I then linked to my existing Quicken accounts through the drop-down menu.

    I have no real explanation as to what may have happened, and whether it was on the Alliant or Quicken side. Such is the nature of EWC connections.
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  • Paolo
    Paolo Member
    edited July 2019
    Thanks Roger...I'll try it.

    Tried it...thanks Roger. NO thanks to quicken who weren't even aware of this fix. Geez.

    To jacobs, above Roger...thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. And...my heart bleeds for Quicken (haha). They have a product, they do what is required to do to ensure the full functionality and quality of the product in a timely way...end of story. Whatever It Takes! (Rant Redacted)
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Paolo Glad you got it working!

    My comment above certainly wasn't intended to suggest we should feel sorry for Quicken. ;) I was only pointing out that keeping up with 14,000 banks is a crazy-difficult thing to do because they are always behind and always have someone with a broken connection. Doing "whatever it takes", as you suggest, to fix broken connectivity more quickly would likely require a massively bigger team -- and therefore much higher prices. People complain now about the cost of Quicken; can you imagine how people would howl if they doubled or tripled the price in return for having a bigger staff to fix connectivity problems quickly! It would never work; people would abandon Quicken, and so they'd just be in a deeper hole. Unfortunately, the Quicken Connect/Express Web Connect method of connecting is always going to be prone to outages because banks are always going to be changing/updating theri websites and login security.
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