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Request - Provide the ability to config/add the Tax Forms and Tax Category

It is not possible to add additional tax forms or tax categories. In our case we complete a form 1065 and would like to line up the forms we do for taxes for the categories we create. We need to assure that each category is properly mapped to a target category. This allows quick and easy tax preparation each year from the tax report. Currently the tax report list is extremely limited. This feature would greatly simply and improve the accuracy and value of quicken in our small rental operations.


  • jacobs
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    @186kmph This may be a naive question, but doesn't the partnership detail your earnings and expenses for your personal tax purposes on a Schedule K-1? Those can be defined in Quicken.

    If you're saying you'd like to be able to use Quicken to track the operation of a partnership for reporting on the 1065, my guess is that that goes beyond the personal finance definition of what Quicken Mac aims to cover. Maybe a Quicken Windows user of the advanced Home & Business version can answer whether that version has tax categories for a partnership return. (Quicken Mac has never had the rental property features of the advanced Windows version; it's not clear whether they plan to create such a product in the future once the core Quicken Mac is closer to parity with the core Quicken Windows.)
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