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I lost the ability to update a Bank of America account out of four. Quicken staff say file corrupt

Just in last week, after updating Quicken software, I lost the ability to update a credit card. All accounts updated fine. Trying to Reset account resulted in an error (undefined) that Quicken was unable to connect to Bank of America.

This clearly was not the case as the other accounts were updating.

After spending over 3 hours with two different agents at Quicken, both of which had me upload log files and validate file, I was told to basically blow my file away, lose my investment accounts and reports. I repeatedly challenged this advise and was told to either follow it or go away.

I finally disconnected from Quicken staff as their advice was basically I was screwed.

Five minutes later I noticed there were five Bank of America accounts being updated by Online Update. Turns out an old credit card was still active and attempting to get data from the bank.

I suspect Quicken's new update (running Home Business v 20.15), has code that terminates communication with bank following error code of unknown account.

When I deactivated old card, all accounts have updated since.

My big concern is that Quicken Staff was very quick to diagnose file corruption and recommend destruction of file. Following my requests to escalate to level 2, Staff claimed there was no escalation process.

Use Quicken Tech support at own risk. Beware!


  • jr7107
    jr7107 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    I'm not going to comment on advice from tech support, but when I run into any problems with accounts downloading including error messages I generally do 3 things:

    1. Wait a day and see if it resolves.
    2. Do the account reset for online features.
    3. Deactivate the online features and then reactivate, re-matching existing accounts with online.

    Not sure if any of those would have flagged the issue, maybe Step 3 would have had you looking for an account that didn't exist.

    And backup, backup, backup. Especially when you have years of data, cannot stress it enough.
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  • I agree with all your comments and had tried all before contacting Quicken Support. I had tried step three repeatedly, but, had not noticed that an old hidden account was still activated.

    I really just wanted to post this issue so it would come up as a known issue. Quicken made it clear that they were not interested in any solution other than blowing away my file.

    If you have just some accounts not updating, make sure that you do not have any legacy accounts that are still online activated.......
  • jr7107
    jr7107 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭
    4. Check for hidden legacy accounts that may still be associated with the online ID.
    Quicken user since 1994.
    Quicken Forum/Community Contributor since 2005.
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    jr7107 said:
    4. Check for hidden legacy accounts that may still be associated with the online ID.
    That's the ticket!
    Especially for Express Web Connect connected accounts ...
    you need to deactivate all accounts with this bank using the same bank logon ID, including any old, long closed, hidden and forgotten accounts that might still be activated.
    If you miss one, the Intuit server involved in handling Express Web Connect - connected accounts will not start with a clean slate and you will continue to have problems. When done deactivating, restart Quicken and reactivate accounts.

  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello @Frustrated Long Term Customer

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of this issue, your experience with Quicken Support and the steps taken to resolve the errors, however I sincerely apologize for the negative experience with Support.

    I would like to look into the information provided by the Support Agents further, but unfortunately was not able to locate a recent case in our support system associated with your Quicken ID.

    Were you provided with a case number for either of these contacts?  If so, what is the case number(s)?

    If no case numbers were provided, do you happen to know what phone number you called to reach Support?

    Thank you,

  • Responding to the two above responses.

    In my case, I was connected via Direct Connect so it is not just Express Web. It is also good advice to quit and restart Quicken after deactivation. Advice I never got from Tech Support.

    My ticket number is T1-IN - 2649270.

    My last contact was with Alice where I pleaded that this issue be brought to Leadership's attention after I was able to solve issue.

    The important thing to remember in my case is that I was having no issues until recently, following a Quicken software update.

    The other frustrating part of Quicken's support via Chat is the automatic time out that occurs after five minutes. When this occurs, instead of being placed back with original Tech Agent, one is forced to begin the case again with another Agent. While Quicken does maintain the record, it is frustrating and inefficient to have to start over.

    Some issues/instructions, and user's time commitments, require more than 5 minutes to respond. There should be some way to keep the discussion alive.

    While my language may sound harsh, I do appreciate all the attention and effort.

  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello @Frustrated Long Term Customer

    Thank you for the response and providing those additional details.  With that information I was able to locate the case details and have submitted the case and chat transcripts to our Senior Leadership team so they may be aware and can follow-up with the Agents as appropriate.

    Deactivating all accounts, including any hidden accounts, should be a standard troubleshooting step and I apologize that the Agents did not specify to check for hidden or older accounts that may still be activated for online services and deactivate those as well during the troubleshooting steps.

    I appreciate the feedback regarding our chat system and Support process, I have also forwarded this information to our Customer Care Manager in hope of sparking a renewed look at how Support and Chat contacts are managed.

    Thank you again and please let us know if the Community or myself may be of any further assistance.

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