Deleted and re-added my Vanguard IRA due to connection error. Reconnected and now 0.00 balance


I connected my Vanguard IRA to Quicken and everything was working well. Connected my Vanguard Brokerage account to Quicken (has the same user name and password) and that connected, but showed a 0.00 balance. Ran a One-Step Update and both accounts came back with an error connecting.

Deleted my Vanguard IRA account and re-added it. The connection was successful, but my balance is 0.00 and the opening balance date is 0/0/1900. Can someone help me fix what is wrong?


  • Jim_Harman
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    When you say you have a 0.00 balance, are you referring to the Cash Balance or the Total Market Value?

    Vanguard accounts normally have a $0.00 cash balance because Vanguard sweeps any uninvested cash into the money market settlement fund, normally the Federal Money Market fund.
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  • jonezee99
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    Hi Jim,

    I have a 0.00 balance overall. I have fund in my cash account and I also have ETF's that should be appearing. The only transaction in my register is for the Opening Balance of 0.00 with the date of 0/0/1900.
  • jms2106
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    I'm not sure if I understand the steps in your process, but once you download transactions, they are flagged and cannot be downloaded again. You may have to add in the funds/stocks as they are reflected in your Vanguard account to the account in question and see if they are then updated from there forward.
  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Do you have a backup from before these problems started? Your best bet might be to keep a copy of your current (messed up) data file and revert to the backup and try again.

    If you continue to have downloading problems, pease post back. You should not have to delete any accounts to recover from downloading problems, but sometimes it is necessary to reset your account by clicking on the gear at the top right then going to Edit Account Details then Online services.
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