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One Step Update, Crashing, American Express

So I see american express has dropped QFX... and apparently I HAVE to use one-step-update... and I've run into problem after problem. But it not related to American express, although it is what is now driving me to want to find some other software.

When I add American Express, it tries to do a one step update... (it seems to add okay, but then goes to updating accounts)... and just hangs.. and ultimately have to end quicken by task manager.. come back and start quicken and suddenly I have 2 of every account (not just AE, but bank of america, chase, etc etc ect) all with .... seemingly random transactions spread between them.... so none of the accounts match... (like one boa account says I have like a silly amount in black, and other a ludicrous amount in the red and together they dont seem to add up to what I Actually have.. because they have some arbitrary starting account value for some reason).

so reloaded back up (and re entered a bunch of stuff over the last month) .. and saved the back up again... and then tried again, same result, doubling of all accounts with all random assortments of transactions in each again (so no account is the right balance).

So did it again, and this time JUST went to tools, one step update.... and again it hung, and when i came back, doubling of all accounts again.

I dont WANT online/mobile/web whatever, I never set it up, I don't want to set it up.. I just want my transactions downloaded when I choose to download them... and not get twice the accounts. At this point the only forward direction I can see is manually entering transactions and never download anything from AE ever again.. which doesn't sit well with me.

Tell me there is something that fixes this.... and I really would rather NOT use mobile and web at all. I don't really want ANY of my transactions in the cloud.

Quicken, 2019, R20.15 500+ days on this subscription.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you haven't already, restore a good data file backup, turn off the Cloud sync (https://www.quicken.com/support/what-quicken-cloud), uncheck all of the accounts you chose to sync to the Quicken Cloud (select Edit > Preferences...Quicken ID, Sync & Alerts, and Account to sync), and delete all the sync'd data sets using a temporary bogus data file.
  • todkapuz
    todkapuz Member
    I have nothing in cloud sync at all that I can tell... i had stock quotes selected, but i removed that, and now i can't run one step sync at all ... but still, I add american express through the direct connect, and it downloads fine.. and great, but when I quick Finish...... it "Add ACcout Settings" thing goes to "updating accounts" .. .and eventually just black screens... (well all the stuff behind the add accounts window.... which no longer is moving) ... and eventually goes goes "not responding" from good old windows... close it... come back and I have the double accounts...

    okay i've gone in the account list and made sure EVERY account has "no" to "transaction download" , gene back to amex.... advanced, direct connect, put in the stuff, linked the 1 account, downlaoded 6250 days of transactions.... click finish... "QUICK UPDATE STATUS" screen goes for a few seconds doing some stuff.... then goes back to "Updating accounts" with the spinning ring..... right now everything in the background looks fine.... ... the date entry box on the register behind is flashing..... still spinning ring.... background did up and down the register a lot for a bit... and has stopped flashing... or.. and now randomly asking me if this existing transction in "Bank of American Visa Credit Card 2" is the same as I just entered............. 2? ..... its doubling the trasnactions right now.... for no apparently good reason.. .but hasnt crashed..... somehow... and it seems to have completed.... and again I have 2 copies of discover card, 2 copies of bank of america accounts (all of them, except my main checking, but it says I have nearly $90,000 ... which... i dont of course... sadly.... ).... at least american express looks right...... but yeah all random transactions again are copied... and I can't find any double transactions in the checking account.. they are all "R" somehow.... and yet somehow I have way to much money ... none of the accounts, EXCEPT express, look right.... looking in the list.... transaction download still shows "NO" on all the ... real?... accounts.... and "not available" on all the fakes it made.... but ..... i mean its not like I can delete the fakes... because I have no idea what is real or fake..... I want to know why its .... doing whatever it is doing.....
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