Add Tag Column to Invoice/Business Account Registers [edited]

Add the tag field to invoices and business account ledgers; and include the rental property tag in the tag list. Right now, to add a property tag, one can either type "/" and then manually type the property tag (good luck memorizing if you have numerous units in different buildings); or the other way is to first create an invoice, right click on the newly created transaction and choose "edit transaction(s)", and then click on "replace" in the bottom of the new window and choose tag (which now will allow to choose the rental property tag from the box to the right).

Quicken is being advertised as a rental property tool, well, landlords and property managers, would all appreciate (and continue to use Quicken and not migrate to other platforms) being able to track expenses at the unit level without having to jump through all sorts of hoops. [rant redacted]
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