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V5.11.2 Build 511.25679.100 Partial Download for Chase Bank

I just now updated Quicken. The version is now 5.11.2 build 511.25679.100. When I try to download my weekly transactions from my Chase bank account, I now get a Partial Download (-28) error. This worked the last time I tried to download transactions (i.e. before this upgrade). Please fix. I need to see my finances.


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    If you are using Quicken Connect, change your connection type to Direct Connect. That will fix it.
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  • I updated to Version 5.11.2 (Build 511.25679.100) and had the same problem with QUICKEN CONNECT downloading transactions from Bank of America. Kept getting the error message SYNC ERROR - AGGREGATOR IN ERROR (QCS SERVER ERROR). Had the same problem with Capital One, but Quicken support says they are changing their coding for transaction downloading to Quicken and I will be notified when Quicken Connect will work again.
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