Problem with 'custom-to-date' reports still not fixed in R20.15

Last month I reported an issue with the fix in version R20.15 to the long-standing problem with 'custom-to-date'. The release notes for 15.20 include a note "Fixed: An issue where a saved report using the 'custom to date' setting could display with the incorrect date range when accessed from the Reports & Graph center (it was displayed up to the date it was saved instead of 'to date.' It displayed with the proper date range when accessed from the Reports menu)."

After upgrading to 15.20, I still had this problem with my Reports & Graphs. They still showed an end-date of the date the report was created rather than the current date.

I tried two things to see if I could correct this problem. First, I refreshed all my 'custom-to-date' reports and graphs so that they had an end-date of 7/2019. I then recreated three of my graphs from scratch, again so they showed an end-date of 7/2019. To see if these changes worked I then had to wait until August to see if the reports and graphs updated to an end-date of 8/2019.

I can report that none of my reports or graphs with a 'custom-to-date' range were updated to show and end-date of 8/2019. They all still show end dates of 7/2019. For me, the problem remains unfixed.


  • Peter
    Peter Member ✭✭
    I have now upgraded to R21.16. The issue remains. Customized reports on the 'Home' screen with a date range of 'custom-to-date' do not get updated to the current date.
  • Bob_L
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    I do not have that same setup to test, but my suggestion would be to try deleting that snapshot on  your homepage and then reinserting it via the Customize button. (sometimes programming changes do not get reflected on embedded snapshots.)
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