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Using Quicken Deluxe 2019 for MAC, ver 5.11.2 Payee in register does not bring up category

I populate the register manually and usually when I input the recurring payees the category pops up. Now, it barely recognizes the recurring payees. I have reviewed the payee and category databases to no avail. Any insights appreciated.

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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Let me see if I'm understanding what you're describing. In your register, you start a new transaction. You type the name of an existing Payee, and when you Tab out of the Payee field, what exactly happens?

    What is expected that the transaction would fill with the amount and category (as well as Memo/Note, Tags, and/or splits, if present) of the previous transaction for this Payee.  Do any of the fields fill in, or none?
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  • bevweekes
    bevweekes Member ✭✭
    The expectation is when a recurring payee is entered the category that is stored from prior entries would populate. Any other information such as the amount or date would have to be entered manually. Now when I input recurring payee the category comes up as uncategorized. Not only that, prior entries of the same recurring are also coming up as uncategorized.
    I save the detail of the transaction and the categories are contained in the Categories window.
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