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Register Balance incorrect

I've seen several discussions about this issue, but no solution posted: HELP!
I've used Quicken for more than 20 years but this cropped up since updating to Quicken (windows) 2017. Account registers tally and incorrect balance, they are miscalculating the sum. The register is sorted by date, all transactions manually entered, there are no filters: an error calculating the register balance can randomly come and go and is promulgated on down the register. It appears the register is pulling the amount of the transaction from the prior entry.
Closing and reopening the program usually fixes it, and changing the amount of the transaction where the error starts, then re-entering the correct amount once again generally fixes it too!!
Is there a fix?


  • tmurph49tmurph49 Member
    Also a user for many years, I have experienced the same problem occasionally over the past few years, with the same inconvenient but effective "fix". In the last few weeks, since an update from Quicken, the problem has reappeared in a worse & apparently non-repairable form.
    My checking account registry is off by hundreds of dollars, and the close/reopen fix no longer works. I tried to reconcile with my July bank statement, and the reconcile screen introduced both payment and deposit transactions from 2011 & 2012 that had already been reconciled. I cancelled the reconcile, closed out of Q, restarted the computer, and went back into Q to reconcile the account. Now the random transactions are gone from the reconcile screen, all the past month transactions match, but the balance is off by several hundred dollars.
    I also track another bank account with very few transactions, and that has a newly introduced error of $1000 in the account balance. I cannot find where in the extra $1000 came from in the registry.
    I do not use any of the online download or transaction features in Q. I manually enter all transactions in all accounts, as I have since day one. Not only do these register errors create problems in tracking my accounts, it also shakes my confidence in using Q for my several investment accounts, which I have been tracking for decades.
    Any suggestions for eliminating the errors would be appreciated.
  • NZRoseNZRose Member
    I spoke with quicken support today and they had me:
    Backup the file, then go to File -> save a copy as -> and I saved a second copy of my data as Qdata2.QDF (my original is Qdata1).
    I'm now running quicken using the Qdata2. It's only been a few hours, but so far so good. I'm not overly optimistic though given the number of people reporting this problem and no fixes found yet......
    The next step they suggested if this doesn't work was to save all my data separately and build a new data file from scratch going forward, re-entering all my 2019 data. Obviously I'm hoping not to do that. I think I'd rather resurrect my old computer which has Quicken 2013 which worked flawlessly.
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